Tales From the Trail

As some of you may know I am an avid runner and am prepping for my first 1/2 marathon in 7 days. I buy the gear, I run the miles and I consider myself a part of the running crowd. I’ve paid my damn dues via blisters, aching joints and early Saturday mornings spent outside of my epic slumber palace.

Upon some of my quests through the trails of Baldwin Park, I have encountered some very interesting individuals. For instance, there was my run-in with the midget who I thought would become a trail acquaintance. After sharing some witty banter, the tiny man forgot me completely after only a week or two later and allowed me to embarrass myself in an attempt to get him to remember me.

There is also the rollerblader who pirouettes and sautes himself around runners and squirrels, however, not without bowing and bidding you an enthusiastic “good morning!” This man appears to be completely straight and infact wears khaki cargo shorts, shin-high socks, random t-shirt to cover the beer gut, molester glasses, mustache, and full blading gear. At first I thought he was an innovator (raper on wheels) but now he’s just my morning entertainment. Now back to my exercise routine, I think if you do exercise only at home, You need at least few equipment for better shaping your body. My favorite is exercise bike, here are its few benefits.

Exercise bikes – and why you should have it

If you want to start an exercise program and are looking for a piece of equipment that you can buy and use in your home, an indoor exercise bike can be a great option. Some reasons behind this that we want to discuss are the impact on the body, the safety of using it, and the health benefit that can be gained by using a stationary bike.

Many people today in UK are out of shape or overweight. There are many reasons why this is the case, but for the most part it is unhealthy diets and lack of exercise. A great solution to this would be to buy a high quality exercise bike that you can use in your home. This would make it convenient and not very time consuming to get the recommended 30 minutes a day of cardiovascular exercise. Most stationary bikes will help you to burn up to 250 calories from 30 minutes of exercise.

The health benefits that can be gained from riding a stationary bike 30 minutes a day include a reduced risk of high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, osteoporosis, and can greatly reduce your risk of heart disease. It also is very beneficial to your overall fitness and body condition. It should help to keep your body functioning and mobile for a longer period of time. There are other types of bikes you could purchase for use in your home, but the stationary bike is a great choice because of its low cost and availability in fitness stores.

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